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Read the latest edition of the Rare Revolution magazine, as contributors share what diversity, equity and inclusion means for them within the context of rare disease.

Striving for a community that is both RARE and EQUITABLE.

Change doesn’t happen overnight or with one grand gesture, it happens one action and step at a time.

  • The work of Breaking Down Barriers from pages 78-81
  • RARE Inspiration Blyth Lord and her fellow courageous parents
  • Clinical spotlight featuring the Clinic for Special Children, Lancaster, USA, and how they are putting their Amish and Mennonite community at the heart of their pioneering work
  • Charity spotlight—the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America—uniting a diverse patient population and supporting collaboration to elevate the voices of all
  • Powerful individual and family insights on the barriers and challenges born our of bias, and the strides that are being taken to break these barriers down
  • International news, events and reviews

You can view this publication from a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet and it is packed with interactive links so you can enjoy the best possible experience when engaging with the content. 

Click on the link to view the magazine https://bit.ly/RARE-Equitable