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Asya Choudry, BDB’s Community Engagement Manager has joined Jnetics for their screening event at JCoSS, Jewish Community Secondary School. This event is taking place as part of the GENEius programme, a comprehensive education and screening initiative targeting young Jewish adults which was launched by Jnetics in 2017.

GENius aims to make Jewish Genetic Disorders education and screening standard practice in the UK in an effort to encourage people within the Jewish community to consider screening before starting a family.

Jnetics are currently working with Year 12 students in Jewish schools, Jewish University students and with couples taking part in a synagogue pre-marriage process.

We are delighted to have Jnetics as a member organisation of Breaking Down Barriers. We are very impressed with the success they have had so far and with the passion and dedication they have demonstrated in their efforts to help make a difference.

For further information please visit https://www.jnetics.org/geneius/