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Publications and Reports






There is a vast array of publications and reports which highlight the inequalities throughout many communities, including BAME communities.

We have brought together a range of these here to highlight not only the background the existence of health inequalities but also to highlight the work and reporting of the development in this area.





Health Policy and Practices




The publication – How should health policy and practice respond to the increased genetic risk associated with close relative marriage? Results of a UK Delphi consensus building exercise – can be found HERE

The NHS Long Term Plan was developed in partnership with those who know the NHS best – frontline health and care staff, patients and their families and other experts. This can be downloaded HERE



Race and Racism


Published by the Runnymede Trust ‘Reframing Racism:


Rare Disease



The UK Rare Diseases Framework lists the priorities and underlying strategic themes that detail how the UK will address the challenges faced by those living with rare diseases.

The UK Rare Diseases Framework outlines 4 high-level priorities for rare diseases in the UK over the next 5 years:

  • helping patients get a final diagnosis faster
  • increasing awareness of rare diseases among healthcare professionals
  • better coordination of care
  • improving access to specialist care, treatments and drugs

Nation-specific action plans will be developed within 2 years of the Framework publication that will detail the steps each administration will take to meet the shared priorities of the Framework.

The UK Rare Disease Framework can be downloaded HERE

The Genetic Alliance UK, Rare Disease Experience Report which was published in 2020, can be downloaded HERE

The Westminster All Party Parliamentary Group on Rare Disease and Undiagnosed Conditions

All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) are informal, cross-party interest groups of MPs and Peers interested in a particular issue. APPGs do not have any power to make laws and are not funded by Parliament. There is a great number of APPGs, covering many and diverse fields such as health, education, transport, defence, finance, the media and sports.

You can find out the key areas that this group from Rare Disease and Undiagnosed Conditions has focused on so far on the Genetic Alliance website HERE



Understanding the Impact of Covid-19 on BAME communities




Government Report
This report is a descriptive summary of stakeholder insights into the factors that may be influencing the impact of COVID-19 on BAME communities and strategies for addressing inequalities.

The full report can be downloaded from the Gov.uk website HERE

Lancet Report
Evidence mounts on the disproportionate effect of Covid-19 on the BAME community – this report can be downloaded HERE


3d render of dna structure, abstract background

The Government’s strategy ‘UK Genome: the future of healthcare’ can be found HERE