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Breaking Down Barriers Virtual Conference 

Championing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

30th June 2021 

Click HERE to download the recording and see the slides from the day

Come together with like minded professionals who have a passion to ensure no one is left behind.

Hear from organisations who are leading the way in engaging with our diverse and multi-cultural society, the importance of the language used, developments in genetics and how health inequalities can have a devastating impact on the lives of families affected by genetic conditions.

We know that it is often the fear of offending that stops people from doing anything. This event is a safe space for people to learn from others and explore new innovative approaches to ensure your organisation is inclusive and diverse to meet the needs of the community you serve.

Top Topics:

  • Health inequalities the challenges and solutions
  • The impact of doing nothing
  • Developments in Genetics and pre-implantation diagnosis
  • The power of language


You can download our agenda HERE


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Hands up to becoming a truly diverse organisation!