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Addressing health inequalities is at the centre of what we do: finding ways that health services can be shaped to become inclusive and accessible, and working with families to encourage and support them to access those services.  The Breaking Down Barriers network of organisations, working at a grass roots level, is sharing good practice and exploring new ideas to help educate, empower, and provide an evidence base to promote equity of access to mainstream health services.

We support campaigns which address health inequalities and often tackle difficult and sensitive topics, in the hope that by bringing these issues to the forefront we can promote inclusive and equitable services for all.

Let’s Talk Diversity

This campaign explores the difficult conversations around race, culture and diversity, looking at peoples own personal experiences.
We have interviewed both families and professionals, having open, honest and frank conversations to shine a light on both the positives and negatives of diversity in our society.

Kerry's Interview, Breaking Down Barriers Project Lead 'The blame and guilt I felt was terrible'


Kerry Leeson-Beevers, Breaking Down Barriers Project lead, explores her role within the BDB project and whyher own personal journey makes such a difference to the support services we offer.





Kez's Interview, NHS Head of Diversity and Inclusion 'Why was I different'


Kez Hayat, NHS Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion takes us on his personal journey of what life was like for him growing up and explains how he is working towards changing perpectives. 

“Education is so important to ensure our community is reflective of the communities we serve”

“Diversity Creates Dialogue and Innovation”




Family perspective of diversity, through the eyes of Shiffa

Shiffa offers an insightful account of her own experiences of diversity in her own area and how living with one of the rarest conditions, wolfram syndrome has impacted on her life.

Let's Talk Diversity with Asya 'Someone tried to firebomb our school'

Asya Choudry, BDB Community Engagement Manager, shares with us the racism and discrimination she encountered growing-up and how it still affects her personal and professional life.

Let's Talk Diversity with Peter Corry

Peter shares with us his journey to becoming a Community Paediatrician in Bradford and why Bradford was a whole new world for him. He also shares his experiences of diversity and what we can learn from Covid.

Let's Talk Diversity with Amna 'Why I'm breaking the mould'

Amna shares her experience of working in Psychotherapy and the prejudices she has encountered.