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If you would like to be part of this network, please get in touch to explain why you would like to be involved.

Please ensure all forms are sent to Catherine Lewis at catherine.lewis@alstrom.org.uk

Please feel free to get in touch with Catherine if you need any further information or if you would like to express your interest in becoming part of this network.


 After consultation with our Breaking Down Barriers network, we will be be bringing training and resources for you and your organisation.

We are very excited to announce a personalised training programme which starts this month. Each month will be dedicated to a different topic area so you can choose which ones are of interest to you and your organisation. Over the next 8 months, we can support one another to develop our knowledge, skills and network together. All training will be all offered free of charge to all involved in the Breaking Down Barriers network.

Please find the training flyer above, you should have received your booking form, but please get in touch if not. This contains full information about the up and coming sessions. The first one is on the 20th October and is about a topic which I know you will all want to be involved in ‘Raising Funds!!’

Please ensure your booking forms are completed and returned to Catherine Lewis as soon as possible, so places can be reserved for you in the sessions you would like to be involved in.

Places are limited to ensure the sessions can be as interactive as possible, so if you do need to cancel your place, please let us know as soon as possible so we can allocate your space to someone else.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Steve Morley from the Diversity Trust provided an overview to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Steve has also provided a range of resources, links and further material for those who couldn’t make the training:

Slides from the training session can be found HERE

EDI training materials can be found HERE

Competency resources can be found HERE

Diverse recruitment resources can be found HERE

Principles of cultural competency can be found HERE

Unconscious bias resources can be found HERE

Intersectionality resources can be found HERE

Pronouns resources can be found HERE

Realness resources can be found HERE

What to know about microaggressions can be found HERE

The training content and delivery was excellent. You can learn more about the Diversity Trust and the training they offer on their website https://www.diversitytrust.org.uk/


TSL Practice Brief: Identifying and responding to race microaggressions in the third sector

This brief from Third Sector Leeds in partnership with Leeds Culturally Diverse Hub seeks to address some issues highlighted in the recent report by Voice 4 Change and ACEVO’s June 2020 report Home Truths: Undoing Racism and Delivering Real Diversity in the Charity Sector.

Check out their webiste to find further information and the full report HERE


Safeguarding and protecting children and adults at risk, is everyone’s responsibility.

The NSPCC, offers a vast array of information, support and resources on their website.

You can visit their website HERE

In December 2020, we will be offering Child Protection and Safeguarding training to all members. This will give a more in-depth look at your responsibilities as an organisation, and allowing your questions to be answered.




In October 2020, we ran a number of virtual fundraising workshops. This was to support members in raising funds through a number of different ways to try and ensure we can be sustainable into the future.

Trusts and Foundations, top tips can be found HERE

As part of the Breaking Down Barriers project, members can also get free personalised 1-1 support.
Catherine Lewis, has over 12 years experience in the charity and fundraising sector. She can offer support and advice suited to your own organisation and personalised needs.
Please contact Catherine Lewis by email catherine.lewis@alstrom.org.uk, to discuss further.


Getting on Board


With 1 in 74 charities experiencing difficulties in recruiting Trustees, we partnered with Getting on Board (GOB) to look at training and support we can offer to support charities with these challenges.

The Getting on Board webinar took place on the 27th January 2021, many organisations from the BDB network as well as new organisations joined us for the session.

The session was around how we can attract diverse Trustees to our Boards, through looking at the gaps in skills on the Board already, the best places to advertise, the advertisement itself and the recruitment and induction process.

If you missed the webinar you can find the powerpoint presentation HERE

Getting on Board (GOB) have also provided some useful materials for charities to look through.

The trustee recruitment guide, which covers much of the training material in depth, can be found HERE

You can follow the link to their resource bank, which includes templates and resources for recruitment HERE


In February 2021, we offered an in-depth GDPR training session for members.

Please find below useful resources to ensure that your organisation is GDPR compliant and adheres to the laws surrounding information and data gathering and storage.

GDPR Training Handouts

GDPR Principles and Requirements

GDPR Right to be Informed

GDPR Useful Links

Data Protection essentials: ICO Top Tips for Charities


Members of Breaking Down Barriers are able to use the templates below for your charity:

Privacy Policy

Data Protection form

Publicity Consent Form

Some useful videos to watch

How private is your personal information
Coffeeshop scenario – obtaining personal data and security:


On-line Fraud – the devil is in the details:


Get ahead with a Digital Spring Clean:  Staysafeonline.org  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtemO0uAx4M

Bereavement and Loss





Our training about Bereavement and Loss was provided by the charity Cruse.

Our trainer, Elaine was extremely insightful on this topic, not only looking at grief and loss but how this can affect different communities and cultures.

Cruse provide lots of useful resources and information on their website, you can click HERE to view these and download.

Cruse also provide information about the practical things that need to be done, when someone dies. These can be found HERE

Different faiths, cutures and communties have their own beliefs during this time

Some useful links are below:

Christian Resources – Talking about dying

Child Bereavement Service

Grief and Bereavement in the Gypsy and Traveller Community

This is a useful link from Public Health England as they cover the faiths and beliefs in the UK and how to respect their wishes when someone dies from their community:
Public Health England, Faith at End of Life


 In this area, you will find a range of templates and forms which we hope you and your organisation will find useful. 

As a member of Breaking Down Barriers, please feel free to add your logo to these templates and use them with your members.

If you aren’t a member of BDB but would like to use some of these templates, please get in touch with Catherine Lewis catherine.lewis@alstrom.org.uk or call 07970 071675.

Templates to be downloaded

Ethnicity Monitoring Form Template can be downloaded HERE

Privacy Policy

Data Protection form

Publicity Consent Form