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This autumn, Public Health England’s National Disease Registration Service (NDRS) is running a series of free webinars, so they can continue to share information about their latest work and developments.

Each, lunchtime webinar will focus on a different area of NDRS, and there will be an opportunity to ask questions following the presentation.

If you or your colleagues would like to take part, please sign up by following the links below for each webinar that you wish to attend.

Rare Disease Registration webinar – 25th November 2020

An overview of NDRS’s work on rare diseases and the benefits of working in partnership for rare disease registration.

Molecular and Genomics webinar – 2nd December 2020

An overview of the molecular and genomic data collected and analysed across NDRS, including congenital anomalies, rare disease and cancer.

Congenital Anomaly Registration webinar – 9th December 2020

An overview of NDRS’s work on congenital anomaly registration and analysis.