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External Evaluation of Breaking Down Barriers

Charity Fundraising Ltd, a leading voluntary sector consultancy, is externally evaluating Breaking Down Barriers over a two-year period. With a range of approaches being employed by a number of different patient organisations, the evaluators are working closely with each participating organisation. We are keen to find ways to capture meaningful data without placing an enormous burden on each organisation’s limited staff teams.

The evaluation will assess:

  • The effectiveness and suitability of the approaches that each participating organisation has undertaken;
  • The level and extent of the outcomes achieved in the context of what else is happening in the sector;
  • The level and extent of wider, anecdotal and unintended outcomes;
  • The experience of individuals and organisations benefitting from the project and the impact this has had on people’s lives;
  • Areas of the project needing further development and how this can be addressed;
  • The implications for future work in the sector, how best practice can be adopted more widely and how the project’s impact can be sustained long term.

Charity Fundraising Ltd

Charity Fundraising Ltd has been established since 2000 and has developed into a major UK voluntary sector consultancy. Consultants have extensive experience working with a huge range of charities to raise substantial funding, measure impact and guide strategic development. Charity Fundraising Ltd has particular expertise in the health and social welfare sectors and has worked with Genetic Alliance UK and a number of its members. The team has also worked with various organisations supporting minority groups and/or tackling issues relating to race, culture or religion.