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Who is funding the project?

The Sylvia Adams’ Charitable Trust are the lead funders for Breaking Down Barriers. They currently fund projects in three main areas:

  • Early years preventative work in England & Wales
  • Development work in Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda
  • Breaking Down Barriers

They were one of the largest funders of the Asian Mentoring Scheme and following the success of the project, they decided to develop and invest in additional work in the field of genetics with a particular focus on autosomal recessive conditions.

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external evaluation.


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Who will manage the project?

The project will be managed by Kerry Leeson-Beevers, National Development Manager at Alstrom Syndrome UK and reviewed by the Advisory Group.

Kerry previously managed the Asian Mentoring Scheme and following the success of the project, she is now dedicated to supporting other organisations to improve their engagement with individuals and families from multi-ethnic communities.

Alstrom Syndrome UK is a patient-led organisation who take pride in offering high quality support services which include access to the specialised multi-disciplinary clinics for patients affected by the condition throughout the UK. Alstrom Syndrome is an ultra rare and extremely complex recessively inherited genetic disorder. There are only around 80 diagnosed cases in the UK.



Where can I get more information about the project?

If you have any further questions about the Breaking Down Barriers project please contact Kerry by clicking the button.